Thank you for stopping by my newest creation.  You may be asking yourself, “Why did I decide to visit this page?”  To that I would reply, “I have no idea.”  What I do know is that this page serves as an outlet for my thoughts as I walk through life as a Christian.  My desire is to share some thoughts about what it means to be a Christian and what that looks like practically.  I’m unconcerned with what’s popular or the next theological trend.  I desire reformation in the church and in my own heart.  I desire to see Christians band together as a body of believers united for the glory of God.  I desire to see men of sound doctrine rise up and lead the church toward Christ.  Why do our beliefs matter?  It is our beliefs that drive our personal lives.  Practical living is a result of what we believe.  I long to see Christians who seek the Lord in sound doctrine and live it out in every aspect of their life.  I desire it in my own life.   I hope that this blog will serve as an encouragement to those seeking to faithfully pursue God and godly living. 

My hope is that Christians and non-Christians alike will wander onto this page and dialogue with me as I wrestle with working out my Christian faith.  If we have never met I am glad you happened upon my humble musings and hope you will visit and comment often.  If we are friends then you will be very familiar with my ramblings.  In either case I hope that you will find some measure of encouragement from this blog.  Let the dialogue begin.

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  1. Yes! Jeff Lash brings the ole’ skool Union convos to the web! I’m all about it. And do I have your permission to link you to my blog? I’m seriously excited about the potential for this page’s contents. Thanks for sharing!

    For His glory,
    Isa. 42:6

  2. I think this is an amazing idea Jeff, 2 thumbs very high. I pray that this blog will prosper and people truly will start living for God everday. If you want some amazing books about God’s love you should read The Martyr’s song series. There are three books: When Heaven Weeps, Heaven’s Wager, and Thunder of Heaven. You should read them in that order. I’ve only read the first two but they were so amazing and mind pondering. Those book have done the best job of showing just how great God’s love is and so much more. I HIGHLY ADVISE READING THEM.
    Let the Revolution BEGIN

  3. I think those three books mentioned by discodude are by Ted Dekker. I just recommended “Black,” “Red,” and “White” to Jeff yesterday at lunch. Not to mention, “Three” which was just released as a major motion picture. Ted Dekker’s getting some love on this site.

  4. Great to see that I can still “hear your ramblings” even though I’m in Cookeville. I’m looking forward to what we will all discover together! I know that I will definitely enjoy being able to know how God is working through your life!

    By the way, “Black,” “Red,” and “White” were utterly amazing and a must read.

  5. Well…it looks like I’m going to have to start a book fund to purchase all these suggestions. You can never have enough good books. However, you are putting me further behind in my efforts to read all the books that I own. I have a long way to go.

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