This past week I got to partake of the benefits of living in Nashville.  There are very few cities in this country, and maybe the world, that can boast of such a full music scene.  On any given night you can catch either a local artist or a touring band in one of many clubs and coffee shops.  On Thursday night I went to Christopher Pizza to see my friends Rachel Carrozziere and Beau Bristow perform.  Of course they rocked the place.  Then on Saturday night I went to Edgehill Studios Cafe and supported Rachel as she headlined the evening of music there.  While I was there, I ran into my friend Josh Wilson who is an artist just recently signed to EMI.  So there I was, in the midst of a music filled weekend, being reminded of how blessed I am to know so many amazing musicians who also have a heart to spread the Gospel through their lives and art.  Each artist has his/her own way of making Christ known through music.  Whether it is considering worldviews as Beau elaborated on Thursday, sharing the struggle to rely on Christ daily as Rachel sang on Saturday, or being encouraged to press on in times of struggle as Josh proclaims in his song “The Saints,” these friends of mine are using their talents and abilities to influence people for the kingdom.  As a musician, I have an appreciation for what they do.  It is not easy.  But they are pressing onward in faith that God will use them.  Rest assured, he is using them.  So go check out my friends, buy a CD or two, leave them a word of encouragement, and support them in prayer as they reach out to the world around them.

Beau Bristow 
Beau Bristow

Josh Wilson 
Josh Wilson

Rachel Carrozziere 
Rachel Carrozziere

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