I have been meaning to post this debate for a few weeks now.  I listened to it some time ago and found it quite interesting.  Though I was familiar with both Dawkins and McGrath, I had not heard either of them lecture before this debate.  I have since listened to both of them several times on radio shows and in public lectures.  Alister McGrath is Professor of Historical Theology at Oxford University.  He holds doctorates in historical theology and molecular biophysics.  McGrath’s background as a former atheist is certainly helpful in this debate.  Richard Dawkins is the Charles Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University.  Dawkins is one of the world’s most well known atheists.

McGrath vs. Dawkins Part 1
McGrath vs. Dawkins Part 2

A documentary called “Root of All Evil?” was also filmed recently.  In a portion cut from the documentary, Dawkins interviews McGrath and poses many questions concerning religion and science.

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