Fellowship Bible Church in Dallas, TX is sponsoring a one day conference on October 29 called Jesus in Prime Time.  Biblical scholars who will take part in teaching that day include Darrell Bock, Daniel Wallace, Erwin Lutzer, and others.  Here is a promo blurb for the conference:

What’s “news” about Jesus, and why does it matter to the church?

Today’s media is reflecting the public’s confusion about who Jesus is. As Christian leaders, we must be informed and prepared to address this topic. This conference will feature prominent theologians as well as mainstream and Christian media personalities who will discuss current media coverage, and explain how we can teach and equip others to respond.

If I lived near the Dallas area or had the money to fly out I would certainly be in attendance.  I think this is a worthwhile discussion concerning our engagement and interpretation of the culture as it portrays its view of Jesus.  It should be good stuff.

What Do You Think?