popeb1.jpgIn July Pope Benedict XVI released a document stating that the Roman Catholic Church provides the only true path to salvation since it is the only true church.  The document articulates the position that Protestant churches are nothing more than “ecclesial communities” and therefore do not have the “means of salvation.”  In essence, Protestants are not Christians.  Roman Catholicism is the one true Christianity (though Eastern Orthodoxy is looked upon as merely a flawed version of Catholicism in the document).  In approving this document, the pope stated that he was correcting “erroneous interpretations of the Second Vatican Council” brought forth by liberals.

A series of thoughts led to a very natural question for me.  If the pope professes that Protestant churches are not true churches, then what does he think about Protestant blogs?  Are Protestant blogs not true blogs?  How would the pope respond to such a question?  Maybe he would say something like this

It seems that the Protestant blogosphere is safe…for now.

4 Replies to “The Pope, True Church, and Protestant Blogs

  1. This is very sad. A house divided cannot stand. I wonder what non believers are gonna think of Chrisitianity now. They will probably just laugh at us and say we are getting to be the same as Muslims (the sunni hate the Shite so much they even fight each others in war just look at Iraq). The best thing to do now I guess is just pray for a change in the pope or something. If the pope continues this path something bad will most likely happen.

  2. Well this is entirely disappointing. Here all along I thought I had been reading some good material, but was obviously mistaken.

    Oh well. I’m hungry… I’m off to eat my false and paganistic supper. Don’t know why I even bother….

  3. Bryan…unfortunately this isn’t the first time nor will it be the last time that statements such as these have come from a Pope. The theological and biblical basis for such a statement is weak at best. It is reminder to us all that our beliefs and theology have practical implications.

    And yes Burns…if you thought you were getting some edifying material you were quite wrong. You’ve just been subscribing to the off brand of Christianity. But I figure being part of an “ecclesial community” is better than nothing. Enjoy your heretical dinner.

  4. have you noticed by doing a google search that there are many, many hundreds of anti Protestant web sites(planted by Catholic groups), yet it is difficult to find any web site that deals with issues of intolerance by the Catholic Church? The Catholic Church demands that our Protestant children convert upon marriagen and they have a agigantic progagancde war against protestants. The new Pope Benedict sows seed of intolerance and bigotry against those of Protestant faith.At fifty yrs old, I have decided I will no longer attend Catholic weddings or funerals, because the Protestant guests are deprived the body of christ, chastised in the church bulletin that they are not permitted to take communion, etc.. I am simply tired of being insulted by Catholics. As an aside, my best friend’s son attends one of the most gigantic , prestigious Catholic mens high schools in America.Her son and his friends did not believe me when I told them that Jesus was Jewish. They thought he was Catholic!I asked them if they had ever read (a part) of the Bible, and they responded no. Strange kind of Christianity, Roman Christianity.It is worship of the Church they created;not worship of Christ the Savior.

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