Election time is upon us. It is time to get behind the person we believe is going to be best suited to run this country. I will reserve my thoughts and political opinions for another time. However, Wayne Grudem has written a thought provoking article endorsing Republican Mitt Romney and encouraging other evangelicals to consider doing the same. Initially I was surprised by hearing Grudem’s support for Romney. However, after reading his article I believe Grudem makes a great case for his decision. He not only lays out a solid argument for supporting Romney but he also makes some good points about how we should decide on supporting any candidate as an evangelical Christian. I think we would all do well to read and consider Grudem’s words.

4 Replies to “Grudem Endorses Romney

  1. Grudem gets it right on Christians not having to have Christian rulers, or voting for other Christians. But he should rethink his position on Romney being the best conservative choice.

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