huckobama.jpgThe Iowa caucus results are in with Huckabee and Obama winning handily. The surprise of the night saw Clinton come in a close third behind Edwards. Already the field is getting smaller with Biden and Dodd dropping out of the Democratic race. This year’s election is shaping up to be quite interesting. I think there is a real possibility that Huckabee and Obama could face off in this year’s presidential race. Not many people would have predicted that scenario at the beginning. However, it is early and Iowa is only one state.

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  1. Boy, I’m glad Hillary had a bad showing. It’s early in the season and she’s a powerhouse elsewhere in the country but this is a good start. On the Republican side, I’d like to point out that Rudy only got 4%. This is huge, he is a terrible candidate for Republicans and the people of Iowa showed us. Ron Paul (My favorite) got 10% which is respectable, especially given his lack of press and spending in Iowa. And what of Huckabee? He scares me too. He says in one debate that “I’m the only one up here with a Theology degree.” And then we come to find out that he dropped out of seminary. He doesn’t even have a degree. And the whole “former minister” thing is a bit shady too, after all, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are both “Reverends.”

  2. Well, to say I am “surprised” Huckabee is catching some wind in his sails is an overstatement. The man was endorsed by Chuck Norris, and I hear his beard isn’t too far behind in endorsing the Huckster as well. Brian, I have also heard of Huckabee’s misstep on the theology degree. I believe he is trying to present a “conservative” ideology, as you see all the republican candidates striving for. Although, I am not sure of his actual convictions. Republican catch phrases this voting season, ‘conservative’ & ‘Ronald Reagan’ (at times used interchangeably), in a variety of ways. I have to say I agree with you Brian and say Huckabee is a little shady. Ron Paul, he is a little out there at times, but I believe he is upfront about who and what he is (as far as politically). When Paul gets upset his face gets red and his voice elevates, funny stuff. Paul was on FOX news the other day and asked about the “floating cross” on one of Huckabee’s campaign ads in Iowa and said “Fascism will come to this county wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross”. Now, he said that didn’t necessarily pertain to Huckabee, and Paul himself was quoting Sinclair Lewis. Not really sure the purpose of suggesting something your not suggesting, but hey, I was a B student.

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