In a stunning display of grace, Westboro Baptist Church has stated that they will protest the memorial service of Heath Ledger. Westboro is the same Kansas church that pickets the funerals of American soldiers who are killed in Iraq. Now they have decided that Ledger’s performance in Brokeback Mountain is cause for them to unmercifully protest any type of memorial service for the man and his family.

Though it doesn’t suprise me, especially coming from Westboro, I am still stunned. This planned action is both gutless and heartless. Whether you agree with Ledger’s character or role in protraying homosexuality, protesting a man’s funeral might be the close second to cheering for the man’s death on the graceless scale. At the very least it is like rubbing salt in a wound. How would Jesus treat this family? What would he do in this situation? I can’t exactly answer that question. However, I have a strong hunch that picketing and protesting, and at a man’s funeral no less, would not be his course of action. We are called to speak the truth in love…in love. (Ephesians 4:15) What love can be seen in protesting a man’s memorial service? Can a person disagree with another’s stance and beliefs while showing grace and love toward that same person? Absolutely. Instead of rushing over to Hobby Lobby to gather up picketing gear, how about humbly and thoughtfully reaching out to the family and friends of this man and showing them gentle compassion as Jesus showed compassion. Wouldn’t that go a long way in protraying the truth of the gospel? Wouldn’t that be a better representation of Christ? My hope is that between now and the memorial service Westboro Baptist Church will seriously reconsider their course of action. My hope is that they will put on the character of Christ and discard the radical legalism of the Pharisees.

To the Ledger family…though I am not a person of any great significance and for what it is worth, I am sorry for your loss.

4 Replies to “Church Set to Protest Ledger’s Memorial Service

  1. Wow. I can’t begin to describe my frustration with these people. They are the reason I hesitate to claim any widely-known titles. I have nothing in common with them. My plea to them would be to stop…read the Bible…consider the character of Jesus…and re-evaluate their stance. I’m confident that their behavior would change were they to take this approach. In the meantime, I just shudder and agree with the non-Christians who think this group is deranged.

  2. It does not surprise me that they are protesting the funeral. When your theology gets so far off track that you exclude grace, it is amazing the different forms of legalism you’ll see.

    Lauren, don’t hesitate to take claim the title of Christ. We shouldn’t be defensive Christians, but offensive Christians always prepared to give an answer. We don’t have to accept Westboro Baptists Churches misguided definition of being a Christian, instead be proactive in telling who Christ is and people will see the difference between Christ and this Church. Let your actions be the first declaration of your Faith in Christ.

  3. there is a special place reserved in Hell for Mr. Phelps… if there is any justice, he’ll be gang raped by “fags” (his word; used for emphasis) for all eternity…

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