00t80072.gifReports have surfaced that Eric Gordon will soon announce he is leaving for the NBA. This comes as no big surprise for anyone who has been following college basketball this year. When Gordon initially came to IU, it was believed that he would be a “one and done” player for the Hoosiers. With Sampson “resigning,” Indiana tanking at the end of the year, D.J. White graduating, and the arrival of a new coach (Tom Crean), it is nearly a lock that Gordon is headed out of Bloomington.

Personally, I think he is making a mistake. Aside from my Hoosier bias, I don’t think he is ready for the NBA. Though he led the Big Ten in scoring at over 20 per game, he has several weak areas that will be exploited in the pro game. Gordon’s handles are suspect and his decision making is shaky both of which make him prone to turnovers. His jumper could use a little work as well. I think another year would help him grow and mature in these areas especially under the guidance of a coach like Crean who has had several excellent guards over the past few years at Marquette. However, you can’t blame the guy for wanting to move on after all he went through this year.

So…let’s all say goodbye to Eric Gordon. At least we were able to keep one of our best players in state for one year.

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