Ok folks…we’re going Left Behind this week. We are venturing into the waters of the end times. I want to know where you stand. I want you to make your case.

Are you a premillennialist, postmillennialist, or amillennialist? And why?

This week’s question comes as a shout out to my friend Jordan who was asked a similar question in an interview for a position at a Christian college.

5 Replies to “The Monday Muse: The Millennium

  1. Wow, um, I honestly really don’t know. I don’t have any solid scriptural / logical foundation from which to argue one way or another.

    Honestly, when it comes to end-times questions, I usually opt for the “no one has any idea” option. There’s so many wildly different interpretations out there, and I’ve grown really skeptical of all of it. I’m not saying that it doesn’t matter but… does it really matter?

  2. Well…regarding salvation, no it isn’t essential to understand. It’s going to happen when it’s going to happen. We can’t predict it nor can we completely understand it. As Paul says, it will come like a thief in the night.

    Your question is a good one. Does it really matter? But I might ask, does discussing our favorite albums or shows really matter? Maybe we are sick of the end times because of the Left Behind phenomena. But there is certainly valuable revelation about Christ and God found within the end times passages. It also gives us perspective on our lives now as we think about things eternally. There is always value in digging deeper even if those things are not essentials of the faith. Ultimately, all things point to Christ.

  3. I would say it does matter otherwise God would not have devoted so much scripture to it. However, can we “get it” on this side of the time line? Not sure. I was in a group discussing Ephesians 3 recently, and we were talking about the “mystery” that had been revealed to Paul (and through Paul.) Looking back, it didn’t seem like much of a mystery to us. We could see the big picture and how all that had led up to that point in history was clearly heading in that direction, but those who had lived on the other side of the cross just couldn’t see where it all was heading. They had prophecies but not a personal, experiential kind of understanding. I think that’s us when it comes to talking about the end times. Yes, we have prophecy, and there are many who try to decipher every single nuance involved . But, I think we may not truly “get it” until it begins to unfold. Then the “aha” moments will come. “Oh, that’s what He meant!” You know, what I mean? Now we see through a glass darkly. Then it will be face to face.

  4. Personally recently I’ve been leaning in the amillennialist camp. But then again, that’s just in how I’ve been reading Revelation. There’s much good to be said in how the other views read other portions of Scripture outside of Revelation.

  5. Any particular reason why you are leaning amillennialist Luke? What have you found convincing or helpful in bringing you to this conclusion (though I realize you are just leaning)?

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