The Celtics pulled out a victory in Game 1 of the NBA Finals last night. It was a pretty close game aside from a couple of spurts. If the Celtics win the series, we will all be talking about Paul Pierce going down and then triumphantly returning at the end of the third quarter. It is the stuff that legends are made from. And in superstar fashion, Pierce hit two huge three’s after coming back. The Lakers had no answer for the Big Three while Kobe was kept in check for most of the game. I don’t expect Kobe to be held down like this again. Nevertheless, I am saying the Celtics will win in six. I’m a huge fan of the Big Three and the statement they have made this year. Placing the concept of team before stats and ego, these guys have worked hard all year long to get to this point. It will be the single greatest turnaround for a franchise in the history of the NBA. Each one of them deserves it. So go Celtics…Beat L.A.

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  1. Let me qualify my use of legend. I’m not saying that we should place him in the same category as Willis Reed or even a flu-ridden Michael Jordan. But you know that his “injury” will be talked about for years. So in some way the story itself will become a legend, not necessarily Paul Pierce. I agree that it was pretty dramatic…especially him being carried off of the court. I think they were just being overcautious because of what Pierce means to that team. But it was definitely no Willis Reed.

    I am loving this series. Hopefully the Lakers can win a couple games back home so it’s not over too quickly. I’m not really a Celtics fan, but I love the Big Three.

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