Like this weekend’s U.S. Open golf championship, the previous Monday Muse was taken into a “sudden death playoff.” We’ve had some great discussion so far dealing the compatibility of evolution and the Christian faith. Let me encourage everyone to continue the debate because I think it has a lot of implications. I am quite appreciative of everyone who has participated so far. It has turned out to be our best discussion yet.

This week’s question takes us in a little different direction. Yesterday our Sunday school class got into a discussion about pursuing the truth which entails pursuing purity in all of its forms. We said that what we take in certainly has an impact on our lives. Think media of all sorts. The tougher decision comes when we must choose which things cross the line and which things do not. Where do we draw the line with which movies we watch and don’t watch, what music to listen to and not listen to, etc. So I ask you…

Where do we draw the line as it relates to pursuing purity without being legalistic? What are some determining factors? Does it even matter?

On 2 on 2…ready…break! (think football huddle)

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  1. I am so going to comment on this blog post, just not right now.

    Hello! I didn’t know you had a blog until a few days ago. I’ll be sure to check your blog regularly. I’m not consistent in my blogging but I try to keep up with it.

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