Well, I hate to say it…but I called it. Celtics in six. The NBA Finals had the drama of injured players, big comebacks, and superstar performances. With all of the excitement in this year’s finals, Game 6 turned out to be a crushing display of team basketball put on by the Boston Celtics. The guys in green dominated every facet of the game. Though all of the attention has been given to the Big Three (Pierce, Garnett, Allen), it was the role players that made the biggest difference in this series. Leon Powe put in 20+ in Game 2. Last night it was Rajon Rondo who made his mark on every aspect of the game. Known for his stellar defense yet ragged for his inconsistent play on offense, Rondo quietly dominated by pouring in 21 points along with 7 rebounds, 8 assists, and 6 steals. While putting the clamps down on the Lakers defensively, the Celtics managed to put up a staggering 131 points with 42 of them coming in the fourth quarter. When the smoke finally cleared, the scoreboard revealed what was easily discernible throughout the duration of the game. The Lakers were handed a solid butt kicking.

Speaking of the Lakers, what happened to Kobe Bryant? For the most part, he was a non-factor in this series. It must be nice to average 25 points per game in a series and be labeled a non-factor. It proves how good Kobe is. But many people have been making comparisons between Bryant and Jordan. Their moves and overall game look eerily similar. Both men have an indefensible fadeaway. Both have a never ending thirst for success. The comparisons must end there though. Bryant is no Jordan, at least not yet. People argue that Bryant doesn’t have a Scottie Pippen to run with. I find that argument interesting since I believe Bryant has more talent surrounding him now than Jordan ever did. I do think that Horace Grant was underrated. Dennis Rodman, as weird as he is, brought another dimension to that team. He was a great complimentary piece to a team that already had two big time scorers. They never had a legitimate big man (Cartwright, Wennington, King, Livingston, etc.). Look at what Kobe will have to work with the next few years. Gasol, though soft, is a highly skilled big man and an All-Star. Odom is a multi-dimensional player that can dominate a game when he decides to. Bynum is just getting started. He may be the missing piece to many championship banners being raised in the future. I really don’t feel any sympathy for Kobe.

All in all, it was a great series. I enjoyed every minute of it. And it ended just how I wanted it to end with the Big Three hoisting up the championship trophy. They have endured a lot to get to where they are at. Cheers to them and the Boston Celtics…the new world champs.

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