A debate has sprung to life in the wake of yesterday’s Wimbledon championship match. Tennis analysts and fans everywhere have been discussing for quite some time the gap between Nadal and Federer. The once seemingly insurmountable gap between Federer and everyone else has been closed quickly by Nadal over the course of this year. In fact, many people are beginning to make the case that Nadal is the best player in tennis, at least this year. Nadal’s victory over Federer on Federer’s best surface has naturally fired up this debate. Federer has been, without a doubt, the best player in tennis for the last couple of years. However, Nadal has had the best of Federer this year when it has mattered the most. As a matter of fact, it seems that Nadal has had the best year of anyone with two Grand Slam championships to support this claim. Has Nadal overtaken Federer as the best men’s player? Let’s bring this debate to this week’s Monday Muse.

Who is the best men’s tennis player…Nadal or Federer?

Though the year isn’t over yet, make your case based on what has already gone down. Game on…

3 Replies to “The Monday Muse: Federer or Nadal?

  1. Nadal has had a better year so far but Federer is still the best in the world.

    One incredible month of top quality tennis and two grand slams are great but not enough to over shadow four consecutive years of the best tennis ever witnessed.



  2. I think you are both right. Federer still holds the top spot. But…I think Nadal has not only closed the gap but is making a serious run to #1. Nadal has now beaten Roger on two different surfaces…his best and Roger’s best. Pretty impressive. But in order to take over the top spot, he needs to put in a good showing at the U.S. Open and over the course of the hard court season. It should be interesting. There is no doubt that Nadal has had the better year.

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