Well…both the Democratic and Republican conventions have come and gone. Each convention had its own buzzworthy and historic moments. For the Democrats, it was Obama who seemed to electrify the Democratic crowd with his polished words and likability. Though skin color has no bearing on a person’s ability to lead, it doesn’t hurt that Obama is the first black candidate for either party. Watching his speech, I felt like I was watching a Beatles concert more than a campaign speech.

Due to the historic nature and excitement of Obama’s acceptance speech, the Republicans had a tough act to follow. And though McCain was the person accepting the presidential nomination for the Republicans, all eyes were on his choice for a running mate. Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, made her big debut by hitting the stage one night before McCain and wowing the crowd with her presence and toughness. In fact, some journalists and political analysts were saying that she was more impressive than Obama. She is definitely a fascinating figure in more than one way. First, she has the potential to be the first woman to hold the office of Vice President. Second, she is a “hockey mom” with five children, one of which has Down’s syndrome and another who is pregnant as a teenager.

It has been widely held in the media that Obama is the more intriguing and endearing candidate. However, McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin has seemed to stir things up a bit. So here’s what I’m asking you:

Does Sarah Palin affect John McCain’s chances of being elected president positively or negatively? Why?

I know political discussions can get heated so remember to play nice.

What Do You Think?