I’m sorry that this is coming a little late. I just started an extension course at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary so my schedule just got a little busier. This will be quick. Having already shared some thoughts on last week’s first Presidential debate, I want to know what you think and who you thought benefitted the most. So this week’s question goes like this:

Who do you think won the first Presidential debate? Why?

As always (and especially with politics), be sure to play nice.

5 Replies to “The Monday Muse: First Debate Winner

  1. I agree with your assessment following the debate. I would say both were a bit lacking in the content department. I don’t think either really won over the majority of undecided voters. While I decided long ago that I would vote for Obama, I can see how an undecided voter would still be undecided. For that reason, I think neither won.

  2. I didn’t think either landed any big hits with policy or reasoning.

    I do, however, think that McCain’s body language gave a little bit away. His rigid refusal to debate Obama directly (or even look him in the eye) made him seem cold and awkward. May have lost him some support.

  3. Yeah…I think you are both right. No big hits and no convincing arguments. I think many undecided voters left still undecided and maybe even more confused (or frustrated). But I think you have a great point Pat. In the midst of the ambiguity, people have to make a decision. One notable difference between them is body language. Obama comes off as a thoughtful and humble person willing to listen and engage. McCain comes off as a hard nosed, stubborn vet who hears but may not listen. But to his credit, McCain also displays unwavering strength (which is good in tough times). Each set of characteristics have their strengths and weaknesses. But again I think that in the midst of ambiguity or an undecided vote, people are going to be more drawn to Obama than McCain becaues of his body language.

    My hope is that the next debate will clear up some things about the positions of each candidate and that people will look past the body language and decide based on the issues.

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