I am going to get back on schedule with the “Monday” Muse eventually. I’ve been a little bogged down in other things recently so it’s been hard to stay on top of things here. Nevertheless, I do have a question that crossed my mind last night.

What are some consistent struggles you face as a Christian?

Now…I’m not asking you all to reveal your deepest, darkest secrets necessarily. But I do think it is helpful to share our struggles with one another, to bear each other’s burdens, and to encourage each other to press on toward godliness. I know that often my weak spots are other people’s strengths. So I benefit greatly from the wisdom and experience of others who have dealt with my struggle and overcome it. And if you have overcome a struggle that was lingering for some time, I would love for you to share what has been helpful in winning that battle.

I will post my thoughts on this topic in the comments soon. I look forward to being edified by our discussion. I hope you will find it helpful as well.

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