It’s been a while since we’ve had a spirited discussion. This week’s Monday Muse is for all of you sports fans. Back in December Fox Sports put together a list of the greatest three-peats in sports (in their opinion). Looking over the list reminded me of some the great athletes and teams that I have enjoyed watching (or reading about) over the years. There is little doubt that the UCLA Bruins of the 60’s and 70’s deserve to be on this list. Being a tennis fan, I was happy to see Martina Navratilova and Rafael Nadal make the list though I think Pete Sampras deserves it more than Rafa considering his record at Wimbledon (or maybe Federer?). Of course, the Bulls had to mentioned having pulled the double three-peat. However, the top spot for greatest three-peat went to…Lance Armstrong. I’m not much of cycling fan but 7 straight Tour de France titles…that’s amazing.

I was surprised that the Boston Celtics didn’t make it on the list. I mean 8 straight NBA championships is some feat. What do you think?

Who deserves the title of greatest three-peat in sports?

It’s a toss up for me. The Bulls three-peating twice in an increasingly bigger and more athletic NBA is extremely difficult. But who can deny Lance the title when he fought off cancer and then came back to dominate the sport of cycling. The jury is still out.

What Do You Think?