It has been interesting to hear the responses to Obama’s speech on Tuesday night. The opinion polls following the speech were humorous. They asked people to give their opinion about how good of a job Obama is doing. They also asked people if his speech changed their opinion on this matter. Can we really tell anything at this point? Yes, he has made several moves but only time will tell what kind of impact these decisions will have on our country.

As always, Obama put his gift of speaking on display. For me, Obama is a guy you want to like no matter what you think about his policies because he comes across very genuine and sincere. As I have said in the past, I have some real concerns about his policies. However, we need to remember that Obama deserves our respect as our country’s leader regardless. And as Christians, we should humbly submit to those people who God has put in leadership positions over us. If we have disagreement, we should be less militant and more thoughtful and respectful in our responses. It is a difficult task but one we should endeavor to take on.

So as far as speeches go, I think Obama had a nice delivery. Some pundits have called it ambitious. I can certainly see that element with the statemens he made about taking swift action on several matters. However, I think it is a speech we expected to hear. It’s not too drastically different from most presidential speeches. Yes, we are facing unique times so the content of the speech will reflect the context.  Obama’s goal was to give people hope in the midst of a suffering economy becaue the fears connected to the economy lead to other fears. Yet, we shouldn’t expect any other type of speech from a leader in such times. We would have heard a similar speech from McCain, Clinton, or Huckabee. So I don’t get too geeked or disheartened by such speeches. I think Obama accomplished his purpose and did it with his usual charm.

What do you think? How did Obama’s speech affect you? (Remember…be respectful and play nice.)

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  1. I worry about our nation’s future with respect to government involvement in the economy. Whatever happened to laize faire? A free market economy? Our country was founded on capitalism and has thrived ever since, but with all these corporate bailouts and stimulous plans I can’t help but think that we are slowly eroding away the foundation of our great economy. Banks and lending companies took foolish risks trying to make fortunes in the sub-prime loan market, but when it all caves in (which it was bound to do when you consider the circumstances) who pays the price? Obviously not all these financial institutions that are receiving bailouts. It’s the taxpayers. The young middle class will be stuck footing the bill but who are also being denied loans to purchase a house.

    I just don’t understand where all this money is supposed to come from for all these bailouts AND for all these “economic stimulous” plans. If you add in “affordable health care for all americans” and increased taxes on the wealthy, what I’m seeing is a gradual redistribution of wealth. I know a lot of people who disagree with me, but I believe healthcare is not a basic human right. It is the product of a hard working individual in a capitalistic society. What I’m getting at is it seems to me that we are running the risk of seriously damaging our economic model in our pursuit of short term security. I say let the banks and auto companies fail if they cannot provide a product or service to the american people that produces a profit. Otherwise, we’re headed straight for socialism.

    You make a good point though, Jeff. Our only real hope for peace and security is found in Jesus Christ. In the words of Derek Webb…

    My first allegiance is not to a flag, a country, or a man
    My first allegiance is not to democracy or blood
    It’s to a king & a kingdom

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