The Mortification of Sin by John OwenOvercoming Sin and TemptationFor anyone who likes reading and discussion…some friends and I are starting an online reading group. It was created as a way for my Sunday School class to read books together and discuss what we’re reading without having to set up a formal meeting (since we all have plenty on our plates as it is). However, I thought it might be good to throw it out there for anyone who might be interested in joining us. Here’s how it works. A book is chosen. We all buy the book. Each of us read the specified amount per week. A blog entry will be posted every Monday on our SS class blog following each week’s reading. The initial blog entry will give us a starting point for discussion on what was just read. Everyone will be able to leave comments on the reading and interact with each other under the respective blog post. And that’s it. Pretty simple. It’s a convenient way to read books with others since you can post and read comments whenever you have time during the week. The group will be hosted by our SS class blog called Pursuing the Truth (make sure to bookmark it).

Now…here are the details for our first book. We’ll be reading The Mortification of Sin by John Owen. John Owen was a Puritan pastor who lived during the 17th century. You can learn more about John Owen by visiting the website dedicated to him and his works. There are two versions of the book to choose from: The Mortification of Sin paperback or Overcoming Sin and Temptation (which includes The Mortification of Sin as one of three works by Owen). Both of the links that I have given you are the cheapest prices that I could find for those books. You’ll need to order your book soon because we will begin reading on June 8th with the first blog post going up on June 15th. We will read one chapter per week which means we should finish the book in about 3 months. If you want to read the book online as opposed to buying it, you can find it here at Google Books.

So there you have it. Order your book and visit the blog often as we can begin wrestling with the idea of killing our sin. I look forward to seeing how the Lord will use our reading and discussion to draw each of us closer to Himself.

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