The summer days have arrived (though not officially for another week and a half). In Nashville, you know this transition has taken place when it begins to feel like a stuffy sauna outside (minus the sweaty guy smell). I’ve found that summer is not near as exciting now that I have been out of school for several years. Nevertheless, I am consistently faced with the same question each year. What books should I attempt to read this summer? If you find this question perplexing, fear not! Several bloggers have already posted a list of recommendations that should coincide with your poolside position and tangy drink (make sure you get one of those little umbrellas). Here are some links to those lists (I will add more as they become available):

Al Mohler – The Annual Summer Reading List
Carl Trueman – Summer Reading
Next – Recommended Summer Reading List
Phil Ryken – Summer Reading (So Far)

I grant that some of these lists won’t be light reading for most of us. However, at least this gives you some ideas on how you might fill your moments of relaxation. As for me, I have a small stack of books sitting on my nightstand that should keep me busy for the next month or so. I’m currently reading The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards by Steven Lawson and The Mortification of Sin by John Owen (the Justin Taylor/Kelly Kapic edition). I am about to begin a study reading through A Basic Christian Theology by A.J. Conyers with some fellas from church. Also, I have Douglas Wilson’s book To A Thousand Generations on my radar for the very near future. So that’s the here and now for my reading endeavors. What’s everybody else reading this summer?

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