The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards

I just started reading Steven Lawson’s book The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards and enjoying every moment of it. Lawson begins with a short biography to set the context for understanding Edwards’ commitment to the seventy resolutions he drafted as an 18 year old. In our day Edwards’ resolutions might seem kind of odd and unnecessary. Did he really need to write down seventy points to express his devotion to God? Though we might see his actions as excessive, Edwards understood the resolutions to be a means of disciplining every area of his life for the sake of godliness. As Lawson puts it:

Edwards possessed a rare combination of Reformed theology, extraordinary giftedness, and fervent piety. However, it was this latter virtue-his true spirituality, marked by a fixed resolve-that positioned him to be used so mightily by God. Few have equaled his relentless pursuit of personal holiness. Edwards’ godliness fitted him to be the mighty instrument in the hand of God that he was.

Edwards was singularly focused on living the Christian life for God’s glory. He was fully committed to honoring the Lord in every area of his life, and to doing so with an unwavering resolve.

I hope that someday my life can reflect this type of devotion. Edwards’ willingness to take whatever steps necessary in order to remain faithfully devoted to God is worthy of emulation.

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