Kevin DeYoung wrote an excellent post today giving advice to people who may be concerned that their church is becoming emergent. Though Kevin addresses the concerns in respect to the emergent church, he lays out a progression of points that should be generally considered and applied when dealing with any issue of disagreement in the church. If our concerns are legitimately significant (first order issues), then we should seek out the leaders of the church for further discussion instead of gossiping with other members. The results of such gossiping is usually division and rival factions. We must approach difficult issues with frankness and humility. Issues concerning the gospel and fundamental truths of Scripture should not be taken lightly. At the same time, we should not voice our concerns with an attitude of arrogance. We must address the issues with humility. Humility can be achieved by taking Kevin’s first point of advice:

1. Search your own heart. Ask God to show you your sin. Are you bitter? Are you being unfair? Have you been divisive? Is your concern motivated by love for the truth, love for the gospel, and love for the church, or love for controversy?

Contending for the gospel in a post-Christian American society may include doing so in our own churches. If so, let us contend with truth in love.

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