SwaptreeRemember the days when currency was chickens and baskets of potatoes? Remember when people traded for a living? Neither do I. Nevertheless, bartering is back. If you haven’t been introduced to Swaptree, you are in for a real treat. Swaptree is a great site where people can trade books, cd’s, dvd’s, and video games for free. The only cost involved with the service is shipping. So if you have a bunch of books or movies lying around that you don’t need any longer, you should sign up at Swaptree and start trading for things that you do want. It’s easy. Create “have” and “want” lists by typing in the UPC code of any item and adding it to the appropriate list. Swaptree does the work by finding trade partners who have items you want and facilitating the trade for items that you have. That’s it. But be warned…it is addicting. Happy swapping.

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