Vick Signs With EaglesSeveral reports are coming in that Michael Vick has signed a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. Some people might see this as a strange move for a team like the Eagles. Personally, I think it is a good move for the Eagles and for Vick. The Eagles are getting a guy who is extremely talented and has a lot to prove. Vick is walking into a stable team with a classy QB who can help him continue to grow as a person. Of course, this all assumes that we like the idea of Vick being allowed to play professional football once again. So what do you think?

Should Michael Vick be allowed to play pro football? Are you for it or against it?

For my own part…I think Vick should be given a second chance. He has certainly paid the consequences for his sin. Those consequences may follow him for the rest of his life in some form or fashion. But I believe forgiveness is an appropriate response to a humbled and humiliated man. As a Christian, I think we must be willing to offer forgiveness since we too have been forgiven for all of our sins. I’m pretty tired (and annoyed) by all of the PETA people who take every opportunity to rub Vick’s misdeeds in his face. If the shoe were on the other foot (regarding some other issue), I think those same people would ask for a little mercy and hope to receive it. Self-righteousness is the enemy of forgiveness.

Welcome back Mr. Vick. More than football glory, I hope you gain the hope of eternal life and the joy of forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

What Do You Think?