I have to rep my home state. Though Reggie grew up in Cali, he represented basketball in the Hoosier state. He was a lights out shooter who knew how to move without the ball better than anyone. And his battles with the Knicks were epic. So I’m looking forward to this…

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  1. Dude, I know you are a Hoosier born and bred but how can you like Reggie Miller? He is one of the most annoying, whiny, self-absorbed, and overrated players ever…Don’t do it man! (Miss you)

  2. First things first…I was more a Bulls fan than a Pacers fan growing up (though I really did like the Pacers). No doubt, Miller liked to work the refs and had a tendency to flop from time to time. However, you cannot argue against the fact that Miller’s jump shot was deadly and one of the best while he played (regardless of how unorthodox the form was). He knew how to use his body since he was a bit of a lightweight and he moved better than anybody without the ball (especially off screens). He might have been a little whiny but what star player isn’t in the league. As far as self-absorbed, I wouldn’t know since I don’t know him personally. Overrated??? In 18 or 19 years he makes the All-Star team 5 times yet was constantly mentioned as one of the smartest players and deadliest shooters in the game. If anything, he was underrated with Jordan and Isaiah just north of him. So…what I’m really trying to say is…you lose. 🙂

    By the way…when you coming back to Lashville so we can hang and solve all the worlds problems? I need some Lewis time.

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