Christianity Today posted an article on Monday highlighting the resurgence of theological teaching and preaching in churches today. Theology and careful exposition of the Scriptures are desperately needed in churches of our age. Too many preachers have abandoned exposition for mere proof texts. All the while, passages are taken out of context in order to support topics based on pop psychology. People need the words of God more than the stories of man.

It is an encouragement to hear of many churches who are feeding people both the milk and meat of the Scriptures. People are waiting to go deeper no matter where they are at currently. A proper understanding of the purpose of theology helps us to see that theology leads to a deeper affection for God and people. It leads to a greater concern for living out what is known to be true by means such as service and social justice.

The goal for pastors is to feed the sheep. If theology is omitted from the foundations and practices of the church, the sheep will go hungry. One the primary and most loving ways we can protect and serve our brothers and sisters is to teach them the depths of the riches of God’s Word.

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