I have been planning to share some thoughts and pictures from the Nashville flood for days now but just haven’t had time to sit down and bring it all together. However, I do want to quickly point to a few ways that you can contribute to the flood relief efforts and help people rebuild their lives here in Nashville.

Jars of Clay has put together a five song EP called Flood(ed): A Benefit that consists of five different versions of their hit song Flood. You can download the EP from their website for $1.00 and all proceeds go to Nashville area charities helping with the flood relief. Their goal is to raise $100,000. They’ve also put together a short video that shows some of the footage from the flood.

Noise Trade, a fair trade music site, has also partnered with the local radio station Lightning 100 to put together a compilation of local artists to help raise money for the relief efforts. Like all albums on Noise Trade, you can download Local Lightning Vol. 1 for free. However, you also have the opportunity to donate funds to the Nashville Flood Relief as you download the album.

Section 303 has created the ever popular We Are Nashville t-shirts to help raise awareness and funds. The shirts are $20 with all the proceeds going to the Community Foundation’s Flood Relief Fund. Additionally, Nashville Flood Tees has designed several t-shirts and even baby onesies that can be picked up for $20 with 100% of the profit going to local churches and agencies helping with the relief.

Of course, you can donate your time by volunteering through Hands on Nashville if you live in the area. They are also taking monetary donations of any amount in order to raise support for flood-related volunteerism.

I’m sure there are many other ways you can contribute. If you happen to know of more organizations or special relief projects putting things like this together then please feel free to list them in the comments section. And pray that the people of Nashville might not only experience physical renewal but also the spiritual rebirth that comes from believing in the gospel of Jesus.

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