Ray Van Neste posted a nice reminder for pastors about being willing to admit ignorance when asked a question they don’t know. It is only natural for a pastor to feel the pressure to come up with an answer for every question and scenario. They are charged with a tremendous responsibility to care for and protect a local body of believers. They are shepherds and stewards of God’s church. They spend several years studying at seminary and training in internships in order to help nurture believers in their faith and answer their questions along the way. Yet pastors are still human beings. Even with advanced education, there are still many things that they do not know. And that is ok. We should give them the benefit of the doubt and trust that they will do everything possible to answer our questions and care for our souls. If we do not believe this to be the case then we should not be members of the churches where we worship.

So pastors…be honest enough to admit ignorance in any moment and diligent enough to seek out the answers which presently elude you. And church members…give your pastors enough space to be honest about their ignorance and enough trust to know that they will do everything possible to help you work through your tough questions.

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