Category: Christian Life

I Don’t Know

Ray Van Neste posted a nice reminder for pastors about being willing to admit ignorance when asked a question they don’t know. It is only natural for a pastor to feel the pressure to come up with an answer for every question and scenario. They are charged with a tremendous responsibility to care for and […]

The Sunday Morning Scramble

That’s what it feels like for Annie and I on Sunday mornings…a mad scramble. We hit snooze a couple of times too many and before long we realize that we need to get moving if we want to have any reasonable hope of making it to church on time. On most Sunday mornings we are […]

Transparency Instead of Accountability

I found this post over at Refine Us to be helpful regarding accountability. What I have discovered is accountability is useless. Accountability is only as valuable as the transparency you and I offer in the context of that accountability. We have a unique ability as humans to fool each other. It is easy for me […]