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Cake Anyone?

While we are on the subject of Calvin’s birthday, I found this humorous. Enjoy. (Illustration by Krieg Barrie, courtesy of World Magazine. All rights reserved. HT: Justin Taylor)

500 Years of Gospel Witness

Well…if you are not aware by now, today is John Calvin’s 500th birthday. The Reformed world has been commemorating this event for the entire year by releasing new works on Calvin, blogging through the Institutes, and gathering for the Calvin 500 tour/conference. It is a day to remember a man who continues to have a […]

Trueman & The German Reformation

At this year’s Reformation Heritage Conference, Carl Trueman recently gave a series of lectures and sermons detailing the German Reformation and addressing the role of tradition and history within the life of the believer. He first discussed the heart of the German Reformation along with its key figure, Martin Luther. His characterization of Luther is quite informative and entertaining. Recalling one bit […]

Boasting in Blindness

Each week I get together with my friend Josh LaFave to talk about life, pray for each other, and discuss the most recent chapter in the book we are reading together. It is definitely one of the highlights of every week. I am constantly challenged by Josh’s fervent prayers and desire to make Christ known […]