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I Don’t Know

Ray Van Neste posted a nice reminder for pastors about being willing to admit ignorance when asked a question they don’t know. It is only natural for a pastor to feel the pressure to come up with an answer for every question and scenario. They are charged with a tremendous responsibility to care for and […]

The Sunday Morning Scramble

That’s what it feels like for Annie and I on Sunday mornings…a mad scramble. We hit snooze a couple of times too many and before long we realize that we need to get moving if we want to have any reasonable hope of making it to church on time. On most Sunday mornings we are […]

Too Young To Be A Pastor?

Carl Trueman has been sharing some thoughts on the call to ministry and the role of the seminary in affirming it. In his first post, Trueman offers a quote from Bishop Donald Robinson questioning the wisdom of appointing young men in their mid twenties to the office of elder. Robinson says, Two such problems may […]

Shallow Small Group

This is a funny bit of satire to wrap up the day. It reminds me of the video on contemporary worship services that Northpoint put out a little while ago. Hopefully, you don’t have a small group like this…

Resurgence of Theology in the Church

Christianity Today posted an article on Monday highlighting the resurgence of theological teaching and preaching in churches today. Theology and careful exposition of the Scriptures are desperately needed in churches of our age. Too many preachers have abandoned exposition for mere proof texts. All the while, passages are taken out of context in order to […]