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N.T. Wright the Musician

N.T. Wright is a man of many talents. He is a bishop, scholar, and prolific author. It also seems that he is a pretty decent musician. Wright put his musical ability and love for Bob Dylan songs on display at a recent visit to The Rabbit Room.

A New Band and Its Name

It has been about six years since I stopped chasing the music dream. It was hard to walk away from six plus years of music but it happened at the perfect time. Annie and I got married less than a year later and began our journey together. Who would have guessed that it would include […]

How God Saved A Rock Star

I found this moving. Brian “Head” Welch, former guitarist for Korn, shares his story of how God saved him from the path of destruction. God is mighty to save. (HT: Justin Taylor)

Trip Lee: Between Two Worlds

I have been diggin’ the album 20/20 by Trip Lee ever since I downloaded it a few weeks ago. Theology rapped over hip hop beats is edifying to the soul. Now Trip Lee is ready to release his next album called Between Two Worlds. Here’s a little taste of the message behind the music.

Red Album for $2.99

Alright…let me make my thoughts on this album crystal clear. Innocence & Instinct is by far my favorite album…period. It combines heavy drop C guitar riffs, sweeping string arrangements, emotional vocals, and the occasional scream to produce an internal war effect (a theme of the album). In short, you must download this album. At $2.99, […]

Amazon Music Deal: One Republic

If you dig piano driven music with creative beats then pick up the latest album Waking Up by One Republic. And…it just so happens that you can download it today from Amazon for the crazy price of $3.99. Needless to say, you need to hook that up. You won’t be disappointed.