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Politics and the Christian

I have never been crazy about governmental politics. I can understand non-Christians putting hope in politics (even while I ultimately believed it is misplaced). But so many Christians get swept away by party allegiances and political games. Some Christians seem to get more fired up about politics than about the Scriptures or theology. Don’t misunderstand […]

The Monday Muse: Obama’s Health Plan

Well…if you haven’t heard anything about Obama’s health plan then you have been living in a cave. It has been all the rage the past few weeks. To be honest, I haven’t looked at all of the details myself. When Obama talked about his health insurance ideas on the campaign trail I was more than […]

Obama’s Address to Congress

It has been interesting to hear the responses to Obama’s speech on Tuesday night. The opinion polls following the speech were humorous. They asked people to give their opinion about how good of a job Obama is doing. They also asked people if his speech changed their opinion on this matter. Can we really tell […]

History in the Making

Yesterday was a day to remember. Undoubtedly all of us were glued to our television sets or computer screens as Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States. It was an occasion like none other. The last estimate I read on the cost of the inauguration was $150 million which was three times […]

The Monday Muse: First Debate Winner

I’m sorry that this is coming a little late. I just started an extension course at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary so my schedule just got a little busier. This will be quick. Having already shared some thoughts on last week’s first Presidential debate, I want to know what you think and who you thought benefitted […]

How Much Can You Learn From A Debate?

After watching tonight’s Presidential debate on foreign policy and national security, I am left wanting. My overall impression of the event goes something like this…sigh. I mean was it just me or did we hear the same things over and over. If that wasn’t bad enough, we’ve been hearing these statements for several months now. […]