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N.T. Wright the Musician

N.T. Wright is a man of many talents. He is a bishop, scholar, and prolific author. It also seems that he is a pretty decent musician. Wright put his musical ability and love for Bob Dylan songs on display at a recent visit to The Rabbit Room.

A Personal Confession on Humanity Before the Fall

When we think of human beings, it is natural to begin with the way things exist currently. Human beings are flawed and broken. We see this born out in our everyday experiences. However, it has not always been this way. In the beginning, God created humanity in perfection. The imperfections and brokenness that we experience […]

A Personal Confession on Revelation

We would know nothing of God if he had not revealed himself to us. Theologians have placed God’s self-disclosure into two categories: general and special revelation. God first revealed himself in the created order. We look at the world and realize that it had to have come from someone or something much greater than ourselves. […]

A Personal Confession on God

Theologians debate whether to begin theological discussions with revelation or God. On the one hand, we would have no revelation without God. On the other hand, we would know nothing of God without revelation. Personally, I think it is best to begin with God in any theological conversation. So without further delay, I submit to […]

Confessions of the Faith

Confessions have played a major role in the life of the church throughout history. Many times they are the product of doctrinal controversy. For instance, the Definition of Chalcedon sought to counter the misconceptions and false beliefs about the person of Jesus Christ in relation to his two natures. “We also teach that we apprehend […]

The Adjustment Bureau

Annie and I went to see The Adjustment Bureau several weeks ago because it looked like an intriguing movie dealing with a deep subject. It is rare to find a movie that addresses real philosophical or theological issues that affect the way in which we view the world. The Adjustment Bureau attempts to tackle the […]