Thoughts on Youth Ministry

For the past year I have been serving as the Interim Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church in Lebanon, TN.  It has been a unique experience being that it is my first interim position.  There are many challenges you face as an interim that you do not deal with as a full time staff member.  […]

Getting to Know the Puritans

Recently I have been intrigued by the works and the lives of the Puritans.  I was introduced to Puritan writing in high school when I read Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards.  Honestly, I did not think much about it then.  I was reintroduced to Puritan writing during my studies at Union […]

In the beginning…

Thank you for stopping by my newest creation.  You may be asking yourself, “Why did I decide to visit this page?”  To that I would reply, “I have no idea.”  What I do know is that this page serves as an outlet for my thoughts as I walk through life as a Christian.  My desire […]