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Celtics Raise No. 17

Well, I hate to say it…but I called it. Celtics in six. The NBA Finals had the drama of injured players, big comebacks, and superstar performances. With all of the excitement in this year’s finals, Game 6 turned out to be a crushing display of team basketball put on by the Boston Celtics. The guys […]

Nadal, Celtics Dominate

This past Sunday could have been dubbed Super Sunday. Of course, I am just a little biased. Basketball and tennis are my two favorite sports and this Sunday provided lots of action in both. Sunday began with a thud, at least if you are Roger Federer. In his quest for the career Grand Slam, Federer […]

Celtics Strike First

The Celtics pulled out a victory in Game 1 of the NBA Finals last night. It was a pretty close game aside from a couple of spurts. If the Celtics win the series, we will all be talking about Paul Pierce going down and then triumphantly returning at the end of the third quarter. It […]