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The Monday Muse: Choosing Palin

Well…both the Democratic and Republican conventions have come and gone. Each convention had its own buzzworthy and historic moments. For the Democrats, it was Obama who seemed to electrify the Democratic crowd with his polished words and likability. Though skin color has no bearing on a person’s ability to lead, it doesn’t hurt that Obama […]

Huckabee/Obama Victorious in Iowa

The Iowa caucus results are in with Huckabee and Obama winning handily. The surprise of the night saw Clinton come in a close third behind Edwards. Already the field is getting smaller with Biden and Dodd dropping out of the Democratic race. This year’s election is shaping up to be quite interesting. I think there is a real possibility that […]

Grudem Endorses Romney

Election time is upon us. It is time to get behind the person we believe is going to be best suited to run this country. I will reserve my thoughts and political opinions for another time. However, Wayne Grudem has written a thought provoking article endorsing Republican Mitt Romney and encouraging other evangelicals to consider doing […]