I listened to these messages today at the prompting of my wife.  What exactly is she hinting at?  Seriously though, it is probably one of the most interesting sermons I have heard in a while.  The preacher is Paul Matthies from The Village Church in Highland Village, TX.  He submits that gluttony is deeper than external appearances.  He contends that it is a heart issue that may be present in large and small people alike.  It deals with an attitude of selfishness.  Listen and comment for yourself.

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  1. I love those obvious statements that need to be said. They are so clear and make so much sense that it would be assumed that we (I!) would know it. However, they need to be said because we (I!) often forget such things. “God does not love some future version of us. We are loved today, right where we are, exactly how we look.”

  2. Definitely. I love how he approached the issue. It is not about earning God’s approval or looking good in the eyes of the world. It is about honoring the Lord with every aspect of our lives which includes our bodies and eating. I found the point about feasting very interesting. I was challenged by what he said about eating alone and how to honor God with our meal times. I think I tend to overlook simple, every day aspects such as meal time.

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