Ok…I have to admit that recently I have been sucked into the reality talent show phenomena.  Like most things in life, moderation is a good rule to remember when considering reality television.  My wife and I were consistent followers of this season’s American Idol (I am still bitter about Melinda being robbed).  Lately we have been taking in the show “So You Think You Can Dance.”  Though we aren’t avid devotees to the show, it is quite fascinating to watch.  Today I ventured onto Justin Taylor’s blog and found a couple of clips from the show Britain’s Got Talent.  A man by the name of Paul Potts, a mobile phone salesman, auditioned for the competition with the dream of becoming an opera singer.  It is quite a moving story.  It is so moving that my wife was in tears while watching the clips of his audition and semi-final performance.  So ladies and gentlemen, I give to you…Paul Potts.

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  1. Unassuming…the pipes on that guy were outrageous! I have just sharted in my pants with how amazing bubby’s voice was. Sign that boy up he’s going to be a star. I have to admit my first premonition about him was, totally fake, I can already see the headlines. “Mobile phone sales man runs up long distance charges and skips out on bill.” Well, best of luck to the lump of coal from Britain. Cheerio

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