logo92x33.gifThe other day I discovered a jewel of a blog.  The name of it is Ikea Hacker.  For those of you who are not familiar with Ikea, they are a company based out of Sweden that designs and creates furniture that is “modern but not trendy, functional yet attractive, human-centered and child-friendly.”  Ikea furniture is a little different from what you would find in your everyday furniture store.  It is fun and creative without costing you your life savings.  Many people have taken the creative concept of Ikea and recreated their furniture into anything from a photography light tent to a new coffee table.  Ikea Hacker is a blog that gives those recreations a home on the web.  So people redesign their Ikea furniture, take pictures, and send them to this blog with instructions on how they remodeled or reused the old furniture to make something new, fresh, or more functional.   The new creations are posted on this blog along with the instructions on how they were reformed into a new Ikea masterpiece.  I will confess, Ikea is not for everyone.  If you will not buy anything but solid oak or funiture made by the Amish (which is of the highest quality), then Ikea is not for you.  However, I encourage everyone to take a trip to your closest Ikea.  It is an experience to say the least.  It took Annie and I around 2-3 hours just to get through the entire store.  I was hooked the moment I walked in.  So visit Ikea in person and then Ikea Hacker online and let the brainstorming begin.

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  1. Kyle and I had so much fun taking you and Annie to Ikea. We should do it again sometime. I hope you guys are doing well. We would love to get to hang out with you guys again soon. 🙂

  2. Ya…that was a really fun weekend. Ikea is the stuff. Maybe next time we’ll be prepared to buy something other than a couple little lamps. We should have you over for dinner and games the next time you all are rolling into Lashville. Be sure to let us know when that is.

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