It is the title of Phil Ryken’s most recent post on Reformation 21. It is also what Naomi Wolf calls the real naked body due to the effects of pornography. Doesn’t that seem like the reversal of what we might think? Well, Ms. Wolf calls it The Porn Myth (discretion advised). She says that the effect of pornography “is not making men into raving beasts. On the contrary: The onslaught of porn is responsible for deadening male libido in relation to real women.” Translation: Men favor images of naked women to the real thing. This effects women in multiple ways. It certainly objectifies them in the eyes of men. It also creates the feeling in women that they will never measure up to these “perfected” images. It can cause women to do some desperate things to gain the attention of men. In effect, the desperate measures taken by women lead to the objectifying mentality in men. It can become a vicious cycle.

I urge you to go read Phil Ryken’s reflections on the porn myth. And men, take Dr. Ryken’s words seriously. Take notice of the effect that pornography has on our dear sisters and women of all kinds.

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