Here are a few videos that give you another view of the damage that were posted on YouTube.

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  1. My name is Cheryl and I was in the tornadoes that were in our city on Feb.5,2008. My family was near the one at Christmasville and Ashport Rd. As some tof the students at Union said it was very scary amd the noise and the air pressure was something that I will never forget. First,I would like to say thanks for all the prayers and resources that have been brought here, we appreiacate it alot. Even thought this has happened to our town we know that God is able and that everything happens for a reason. And also think of all the lives and buildings and homes that were spared. More than anything ,those of you that were effected by the storm students and city members please, please, don’t loose faith in God. And for those that have great faith just keep praying….we all need it! Thanks in advance for everyone’s help. Cheryl King

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