My friend Matt Burns has written an excellent two part series (Part 1 and Part 2) that seeks to view the homeless through a biblical lens. He identifies several types of homeless people and then poses this question: “So now I ask you , fine readers, what do you do? Do you give them the cash? Do you ignore them and walk on by?”

In Part 2, Matt writes about the similarities between the homeless and everyone else on this planet. We approach God for salvation like the homeless approach people for money on the street. As Brennan Manning says, “We are the beggars at the foot of God’s door.” In the end, I would contend that we should be beggars at the foot of the cross. If we find ourselves in that position, we will find a God of love who has satisfied his holy wrath and judgment on his own Son. We will find a God, the God, who never turns away a beggar.

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