7921596_18_2.jpgI should seriously start calling this The Tuesday Muse. I have been a little busy lately so I haven’t been keeping up as faithfully with my posts. Annie and I are in the midst of making some big life decisions so pray that the Lord will give us guidance and discernment.

Ok…on to question of the week. Since NCAA bracketology is in full effect, I thought up a two part question dealing with this year’s tournament.

1. Who will be the 2008 NCAA Basketball Champion?

2. Who is this year’s sleeper team?

In Part 1, you have to make your case for who you think will take home the trophy. I don’t just want to know who but why. In Part 2, you need to give us the team that you think could make an unexpected run deep into the tournament. Like Part 1, you need to also give us the reason.

Alright, you have your questions. Now…state your case.

4 Replies to “The Monday Muse: NCAA Tournament

  1. Going back to your “resurgence of Indiana basketball”, there are 4 teams from Indiana (IU, Notre Dame, Butler, and Purdue) in the braket. However, there are 5 teams from Tennessee (UT, Vandy, Memphis, Austin Peay, and Belmont). Go Vols!

    1. While I will cheer on the Vols, I don’t expect them to win the whole shebang (they will either lose to Louisville in the Sweet 16 or UNC in the Elite Eight). I will, however, put a Tennessee team in the champion box, Memphis. Not to down play the likes of Stanford and Texas, but I think Memphis will build a great deal of momentum in their Region. This season they have won their games by an average of about 21 points a game. Their one loss was by only 4 points to UT. I think they have the skill and the ability to actually win.

    2. I don’t know how far a team needs to reach in order to be a “sleeper”, but I think Drake is playing well enough to beat Western Kentucky and UConn and get to the Sweet 16, however I don’t think they can get farther than that. Also, Winthrop. No reason really.

  2. Well, understand first: I’m a fundamentals guy. You’ve got to know your plays, you’ve got to make your ‘throws, you’ve got to play solid, textbook defence to win this tourney.
    Having said that, I really think the high-flying, free-wheeling, dunk-tacular show that is the University of Houston has a legit shot at going all the way this year. Phi Slamma Jamma! I know the whole ABA thing has really diluted the game for some people, but at this point, UH plays such a unique game that no one can stop them.
    I look at guys like Clyde Drexler and Akeem the Dream, and think, “Who are you going to put up against that? There’s only one Georgetown and there’s only one Jamaican Giant in this tourney!” And while you’re watching these guys go at it, Michael Young will just shoot your eyes out. Seriously. Tell me UNC’s James Worthington doesn’t quake in his sneakers thinking about Larry Micheaux.
    I mean, the only shame here is that this stuff won’t translate to the NBA for these guys. But while we’ve got it, i’m going to enjoy it.

    Sleeper? I just told you: UofH is taking this whole thing home and they are not going to sleep for one single game!

    Wait, did you say 2008?

  3. Well Dave…you might want to watch out for the Wolfpack of NC State. I think they are going to be the sleeper team of the tourney. I can just see them winning it all and their coach frantically running around trying to find someone to hug. I don’t know though…just a feeling.

    You are right Jordan…Tennessee is representin’ with 5 teams. Not to mention that 3 of 4 Indiana teams are in the east with North Carolina and Tennessee. It doesn’t look promising. I think Memphis is going to fall Stanford. There is no doubt they are extremely athletic. However, I think they are somewhat untested. They play in an extremely weak conference. We’ll see though. And I agree with Drake as a sleeper though they do have a 5 seed. I think they are going to make a nice run.

    Ok…here’s my choices before things tip off today. I am taking North Carolina as my champ. I think Hansbrough is a machine and has the ability to carry a team when needed. With Ty Lawson getting close to 100%, I think they are a solid choice. I also think Wisconsin can make it to the Final Four (though they will inevitably be beat by UNC). Their ability to lock down teams defensively separates them from a lot of teams.

    My sleep team: West Virginia. If they bring their A game, I think they have a good chance to make it to the Elite 8. Duke would be their second round opponent and I’m not convinced that Duke truly is worthy of a 2 seed. Once you get past them, it’s either Purdue or Xavier. Either way, I think they make it out to the Elite 8. I am also going to give Butler a quick nod. I think they have a chance to surprise some people. I think they will play UT tough and even have a chance to beat them. I don’t know that they will…but I wouldn’t be totally surprised. Go Bulldogs!

    As a side note…I will be rooting for my Hoosiers to be the story of the year by knocking off UNC and running all the way to the Final Four after a heartbreaking year. Adversity builds character…let’s go Hoosiers!

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