This is an interview conducted for a sermon series at The Journey. (Facebookers can view the video here.)

What do you think? Is he right? And should we take advice on evangelism from non-believers?

(Courtesy of Rethink Mission)

One Reply to “Evangelism Advice From A Non-Christian

  1. it’s well spoken and thoughtful, and what he says is insightful. and yes he’s right, and this is where:

    if we come with an agenda of our own to ‘convert someone’, we’ve already failed. only God brings non-believers to faith. as Christians we are to go out and build relationships and allow our faith to be lived out amongst non-Christians, communicating the gospel and sharing our stories. but as to whether or not a person believes, that is, thank the Lord, entirely in His hands.

    do we take advice from non-Christians? well, no. but we can gather insight from them and apply it without compromising our purpose.

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