DroidThere are few phones that have come out in the recent past in which I have really been wanting to get my hands on. Being a closet techie, I find electronic gadgets fascinating and fun. When the iPhone was released, I seriously considered switching cell phone providers just so I could have one. All of the apps and functions set iPhone apart from the competition (not even close really).

Enter the Motorola Droid. It is the latest attempt by an Apple competitor to knock the iPhone off its pedestal. It has a lot of similar features as the iPhone including an intuitive touch screen, multiple media capabilities, and a growing list of apps. Two features found in the Droid that are missing in the iPhone are a slide out QWERTY keyboard (a feature I find much nicer than the virtual keyboard) and a free GPS navigation service. The Droid runs on the Google Android 2.0 OS which means it smoothly connects to all of the Google tools. However, the GPS service is the deal maker. The Droid not only connects to Google Maps but also takes the maps function to another level by giving you street by street audio directions as you are driving. And…the navigation service is free.

So here’s the question of the week…

Is the Motorola Droid truly an iPhone killer (or at least a competitor)?

And…the Droid is releasing on the Verizon network which could make things even more interesting. Since my employer just hooked us up with a Blackberry Tour, I probably won’t be getting a Droid anytime soon. But if I were getting a phone in the near future on the Verizon network, this would be the phone.

What Do You Think?