I can definitely relate to these words by Iain Campbell:

Maybe there is something utterly and fundamentally wrong with me (sin, perhaps?) but I’m not prepared at any stage before I start preaching to say that I’ve done my prep; and nor am I prepared at any stage after I finish to say that I did all I could have. The more I preach, the less adequate I am for it, and the more the conviction grows that there is much, much more I should have put in to that sermon.

Maybe Campbell’s conviction and humility in the pulpit is something that should be experienced by more preachers today. Preacher’s should feel the weight of responsibility that comes with proclaiming God’s Word to God’s people. We are never adequate for the task. But that’s the beauty of it. The Spirit takes our humble thoughts and words and applies them to the hearts and minds of each person in the pew…and God gets all the glory.

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