A promising new book on Christian apologetics has been released by K. Scott Oliphant called The Battle Belongs to the Lord: The Power of Scripture for Defending the Faith. Westminster Bookstore has it on sale for a ridiculously low price of $5 until June 1st. It looks to be a good resource for encouraging and equipping believers in defending the Christian faith. Here are a couple of endorsements for the book.

    “Most of us who want to be faithful witnesses know we need—but often lack—three things: a clear understanding of the truth, the ability to express our message persuasively, and confidence that the gospel has nothing to fear in the intellectual market place. As a skilled seminary professor who has also served in the trenches of pastoral and evangelistic ministry, Dr. Oliphint is well qualified to give us just the help we need.”Sinclair B. Ferguson, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary

    “Many think that we should leave our Bibles at home when we engage in apologetics, that we should reason with unbelievers only on the basis of “common ground.” Scott Oliphint, to the contrary, rightly emphasizes that the Christian can never set his Bible aside, for Scripture sets the standards for everything we do, including apologetics.”John Frame, Reformed Theological Seminary, Florida

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